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There are few foreigners about who have been living in Mojácar for as long as Ric. There are even fewer who thirst so mightily for adventures, from the jungles of south America searching for El Dorado or to jump in the middle of every local drama, every discovery, action, revolt, fire-fight and saloon as my old friend Mr Polansky.

Mojácar is a fascinating place, surrounded by beautiful views, rich in history and legends. Let Ric show you around from the comfort of your armchair or pool-bed, or indeed, from the discomfort of your aeroplane seat. And stories, he has tales to tell and history to share.

Enjoy these stories, written over the years by our Yankee troubadour, the man who put Mojácar on the map.

Lenox Napier


Autor Polansky, Ric
Portada Ver portada
Editorial Arráez Editores
Año 2017
Idioma Inglés
Encuadernación Tapa Blanda
Nº de páginas 176
ISBN 978-84-15387-77-0
Grima Numeración de colección 10
Colección 10

Polansky, Ric

Polansky, RicAuthor, Ric Polansky was born in the American mid-west, Iowa; north central United States. He often says he grew up in the most perfect place on the planet, Mason City full of characters, farmers, bankers, pool shooters and music men. All authentic and original. It also had one of the best libraries in the state and much of his life envolved around visiting it’s extensive stacks of books on any subject. Words for the imagination and fantasy. If the surroundings city lands were filled with tightly planted rows of corn the library was a place to fly away and imagine a less contrived world. His roaming qualities took him hitch hiking from coast to coast by the age of 16. He visited such places as the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco in the age of the beatniks that later evolved into Hippies. And Key West, Florida was another stop on his quest to growing up. Maybe coming to Spain, a la Hemingway style was inevitable.

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